A program for automotive industry ambassadors to create the best training, employment and research opportunities in Portugal and Europe.


The program

The automotive sector is today challenged by technical and technological development, innovation and globalization.
The public's perception of activity in the automotive industry is outdated, with the idea that working for this industry is synonymous with low-skilled, low-paid jobs, with heavy machinery, and little innovation.
This misperception perceives many young people from training for the automotive industry, which, however, are today innovative and challenging, and ensure a remarkable employability index, in Portugal and abroad.
The Ambassadors4Skills & Jobs Program, launched by IDESCOM , aims to counteract the lack of interest in these formations, with the collaboration of the right people to create the future of a generation of highly qualified professionals for the automotive industry - Our Ambassadors .

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Modernity and technical and technological innovation in the automotive sector highlighted the need to create new professional functions, which require new skills and knowledge.
Responding to this challenge, the DRIVES Project has defined new functions for the sector, with the corresponding reformulation of models, contents and transversal strategies of professional training for the automotive industry.
The Ambassadors4Skills & Jobs Program appears, therefore, framed in the development of the DRIVES Project, to boost the application of the contributions that it leaves to the automotive industry, national and European.
The Program will, in 2021, accompany the fourth and final year of the execution of the DRIVES Project, and will ensure, in the future, the sustainability of the principles and the achievement of the Project's results, inserted in a wide European initiative directed to the automotive sector - the Pact for Skills .



To achieve the goals it sets, the Ambassadors4Skills & Jobs Program works on two axes of action - training and employability in the automotive industry. With the creation of a network of stakeholders to mobilize interests aimed at the sector - Ambassadors and Ambassadors Advisers - the Program disseminates knowledge about different training models, suited to the emerging needs for professional qualification in the automotive sector. Promoting collaborative processes between industry, training entities and institutional decision-makers, the Ambassadors4Skills & Jobs Program enhances the best training and employment opportunities in the automotive industry, favoring mobility, in the national and European space, of trainees, trainers and workers in the automotive industry .

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The Ambassadors4Skills & Jobs Program, created and coordinated by IDESCOM, is developed according to an annual action plan. This is achieved through field activities carried out by the Ambassadors network, which has the support and intervention of the Council of Ambassadors Advisers .

You can consult the Program Regulation here.

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